A simple rhymer
of what I see

Whose lines
aspire to

inspired by
natural beauty,

the sharp spur
of mortality

and the hope
of our

Jim Gronvold

2 thoughts on “Intro

  1. My copy of Oak Bones arrived in the mail today. I began reading it eagerly, but stopped after reading Dunlin Swarm, the very first poem in the collection—your imagery and language are so uncontrived, unique and vivid. Much too lovely to not reread, it deserves time to be savored and to settle deeply in my mind!! Almost 3 months of delight ahead, a poem a day.

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    1. Thank you Jessica, I’m very happy that you enjoyed it. The Dunlin display is so spectacular it can’t help but focus the imagination. I saw that swarm one January on San Pablo Bay. It was the first and largest I’ve seen.


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